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     Tengbo more than twenty years focused on the development of billiards, only for the time to carve the details, adhere to the precipitation model. From design to selection, from the creation to the service, Teng Bo has been adhering to the tradition of perfection, giving each of the elegant fashion of the footer and the nobility of the pure soul.

     Since 1986, the world's first Tengbo billiard table was born so far, Teng Bo has never stopped for billiard equipment manufacturing technology exploration. Excellent material, scientific equipment, excellent technology, accurate data, meticulous components, and elegant decoration is the essence of Teng Bo style; rigorous process and the perfect combination of classic design, so that TANDBERG Billiards Dacheng Dacheng.

     To the strict quality of products as the fulcrum, Teng Bo's pool table, clubs and accessories continue to be recognized by the value of the industry, Teng Bo's reputation with the product exports spread to the rest of the world. After the rigorous inspection by experts, Tengbo ball end of the Shanghai International Youth Billiards tournament to become the official designated game with Taiwan.

     Tengbo Billiards more than refined products, harvest reputation. We use the appeal of the brand, and actively participate in the One Foundation, love wrapped in poor children care operations, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, assistance Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake and other love activities, each transaction a product we will donate a customer for us of love.

     At the same time, Tengbo billiards table through high-quality products and tracking services: from the pool table for the club set up early training, medium-term construction, to the latter part of product maintenance services; and self-operated billiards club's first series of actions, Business to the billiards sports and product service successful transformation, people-oriented brand culture through excellent products and attentive service is deeply rooted in the hearts of every consumer.

1986 years,Lee family together to set up a TengBo billiards factory, then the birth of the first set TENGBO brand pool table.

1992 years,In the process of manufacturing the billiards table, we built a number of drying rooms, according to the highest standards of drying the table wood; we choose Jiangxi high-quality slate, the introduction of the world's most advanced German flat grinding, slitting slab machinery and other top equipment, Slate reaches world class level;

2001 years,Tengbo Billiard factory relocated to Shanghai, the production equipment gradually advanced, complete category; automatic four planer, automatic engraving machine, automatic drilling and other professional production equipment to ensure the quality of the product, forming a batch capacity.

2006 years,Tengbo billiards table to become the official designation of the Youth League, until today, Teng Bo's R & D department is still in the table test research work.

2010 years,Tengbo belongs to the Shanghai Teng Pui Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. was established, settled in Lynx Mall, open the Internet era, the production of innovative pool table

2014 years,We have introduced a new series of private tables, billiards into a variety of cultural elements, European style, artificial sculpture and redefine the concept of the product, in the rigorous process commitment to more considerate first class service.

2017 years,We are still on the way to the future.

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